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Newspaper & Magazine Publishers

Digitisation & Reproduction solutions for Newspaper Publishers

  Our unique business model means newspaper publishers are now able to digitise their valuable archives whether they are held as microfilm or as hardcopy and monetize this amazing dormant resource at a fraction of the usual cost. This offers newspapers the opportunity to digitise their content on the World leading "Olive" platform which is used by leading newspaper titles around the world such as the Guardian Newspaper (UK), The Irish Independent (IRE), The Irish Times (IRE), The Washington Post (US), The New York Times (US) and many more. It is in use in libraries such as the British Library, the Library of Congress and the Harvard library

Our attention to detail and robust processing leaves nothing to chance. Our process identifies and understands layout changes for historical newspapers. The finished product presents every edition of the publication in its original format, available for granular searching across the entire archive. With the use of the "Olive" ADP model we are able to seemlinessily combine your historic newspaper archives with your current PDF publication enabling the publisher to sale their current PDF newspaper which will than automatically feedback into your historic archive at no additional cost.

Our business model ensures that newspapers see a return on investment straight away as their content is marketed directly to the institution/academic sector through the Irish Newspaper Archive website, and to individual users through their own existing newspaper website.   
To date we have digitised over 55 titles and are committed to digitise many more.


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We also offer a full range of value added services to further monetize this asset through the sale of newspaper reproduction, press prints and the like (see http:// )




We have been the archive agency of choice for Ireland's leading newspapers for the last 50 years, as we understand the intrinsic value of newspaper archives and have developed the largest archive of Irish Newspapers available in the world.


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