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About Us


National MicroMedia Ltd was founded in 1964 by its former director Alan Martin. For well over 50 years we have worked to keep NML as one of Ireland's leading and most dynamic document management companies. As Ireland's first established document management company National MicroMedia Ltd has become an institution for document preservation and document accessibility. Many of our clients have been with us since our inception, demonstrating our commitment to offering our clients the best possible service.

We were the first private company to introduce microfilm into this county. We have kept ourselves to the fore through our innovative approach and investment in technology. We offer the full range of microfilming and digitisation services from digital imaging to archive website development.

We have the largest range of microfilm equipment and the most extensive range of microform services available in Ireland. We are responsible for the preservation and archive management of many of the nation's leading national, regional and out-of-date newspapers, journals and other documents of historical interest. We also offer a full range of digitization services, scanning from all formats of microfilm and hard copy scanning from the smallest documents to A0+ scanning. We are the only bureau in Ireland with the ability to convert digital to microfilm and vice versa. We also have the most advanced OCR technology available in Ireland which can render all microfilm and hard copy documents into a fully word searchable database accessible through our customized DVDs or in fully hosted secure websites.

We continue to offer end-to-end document management services for many of the Nation's leading private corporations and public bodies.

We are the company behind the Irish Newspaper Archive project which is the largest digitization project ever undertaken in this county.

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