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Digital Archive and Web Development


National MicroMedia committement to innovation and technology is illustrated by our development of digital archiving and web  based delivering systems for both the library sector and the publishing industry.

We can digitise both hardcopy & Microfilm archives into digital databases.  title

Digital Archiving & Web Development for the Library Sector


At NML we are proud to announce our latest innovation. We can now offer libraries the opportunity to digitise their holdings, either from hardcopy or microflm and display this content on purpose bulit and fully managed websites. This will unlock the library's valuable content, preserve the integrity of the original holdings and deliver access to all library members in future proof XML digital format.


We use the World leading "Olive" platform as used by the Financial Times, Irish Times, Irish Newspaper Archives, Princeton, Yale and many more.


We have develop archive websites for

Kildare County Library

Roscommon County Library

Offaly County Libary



Ancillary  Products produced for Digitised Archive for Newspaper Publishers.

Ancillary Products for Digitised Archives for Newspaper Publishers


Through another of our sister company's, NML is able to reproduce newspapers and images from the digital archives. This has proved to be very fruitful for many of our clients. We offer

  • Bespoke newspaper reproductions for all special occasions.

  • Bespoke newspaper framed Prints for all special occasions.

  • Sports books and other memorablia books produce from the archives.


See Memorable Moments for more

Newspaper Publishers  can
monitize their dormant 
newspaper archives at a fraction
of the usual cost

Digitisation of Newspaper Archives for the Publishing Industry


Through our sister company "Irish Newspaper Archives", NMl is able to offer newspapers the opportunity to digitise their archives from either hardcopy or microfilm at a fraction of the usual cost through our innovative business model.


We will monitize this long dormant resource, furthermore the archive will serve as an internal workflow and preservation system for your publications. A home branded version of your newspapers archives will be directly linked to your newspaper's wesbite.


We have digitise over 55 newspapers titles to date. We use the World leading "Olive" platform as used by the Financial Times, Irish Times, the Sydney Morning Herald, USA Today and many more.


 See Irish Newspaper Archives  

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