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Engineering & Construction Sector


  We have been servicing the preservation needs of many of the country's premier architectural and engineering firms for over 50 years, with many of our clients with us since our inception. We offer an extensive range of document management services from general office file management, microfilming, digitisation of legacy microfilm/microfiche and full colour digital scanning of A0+ drawings right up to integrated web based solutions.


We continue to microfilm for many of our clients as it is extremely cost effective and meets all long term legal requirements.


We specialise in the conversation of legacy microfilmed drawings into high quality digital images which are retrievable via DVD, networked solutions or a full web based retrieval platform.



Digitized microfilm retrievable over the internet


We can

  • Scan all documents, from microfilmed records & general office files right up to full colour A0 drawings.

  • OCR all these files, rendering them fully word searchable and field indexed.

  • Publish these files to fully self loading DVDs, which can store up to 60,000 office records and 15,000 architectural drawings.

  • Offer this as a fully secure web based solution. This will greatly increase office productivity and allow for secured remote access.

  • Create a highly cost effective hybrid solution, scanning drawings for greater accessibility whilst simultaneously converting these drawings to microfilm for long term storage.

  • Reprint from all microfilm sources to full A1 size and also offer digital copies of these records.


Clients include:

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