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Legal Firms/Solicitors


  National MicroMedia Ltd can convert all legal hardcopy files or microfilmed records into fully word searchable and indexed digital files, greatly increasing the productivity of a legal firm's workflow. These files are burned to fully self loading DVD's using the world leading "Zylab" OCR engines and document retrieval software. These DVDs will run on all office PCs. Up to 60,000 documents can be stored on a single DVD. Furthermore, we are the only bureau in Ireland with the ability to convert these digital files straight to microfilm for long term preservation and storage. We also offer our Zylab solutions in conjunction with on-line purpose built secure website, allowing individuals with the correct credentials to access this information remotely. Your staff will be able to work from home and thereby greatly increase staff productivity.

We can

  • Perform on-site scanning to ensure document confidentiality

  • Scan large format A0+ deeds and other such historical legal documents

  • Develop highly secured website which require IP identification and password access to control and secure the office workflow.

  • We use the specialized "Zylab" solution, which has being designed for the legal sector's requirements. This software is used in "The White House" to file, archive and retrieve their legal data for preservation in the National Archives of America.

  • Offer disaster recovery and secured data back-up as a matter of course

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