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Health Care Sector


  NML can greatly help increase the work flow productivity of insitutions within the Health Care sector. This will free up resources to allow the insitutions to focus on their primary objectives.


Our expertise in the area ensures all medical files are microfilmed and/or scanned in a secure and confidential environment. We are the only bureau on Ireland capable of converting digitally scanned images into microfilm to ensure long term preservation that meet all legal requirements.

We offer

  • On-site scanning and file destruction available.

  • We can convert all legacy microfilm records to digital images and integrate these records into any existing DM solution.

  • We can convert digital documents to microfilm at the time of scanning to meet all legal requirements. This hybrid solution ensures the client gets the benefits of digital DM software for every day use and security in the knowledge that their files are also microfilmed for long term preservation.

  • We are a one point of contact that meets all yours institution's records requirements from file collection, to storage, file conversion to microfilm/scanning to file destruction and that all work is done in-house by NML.

  • We offer very cost effective web based document management solutions on highly secure website, which require IP identification and password access to control and secure the office workflow.




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